Amélie Rouge


Je suis Amélie

Make yourself comfortable, turn off for a moment from your daily routine and pamper yourself …


I am Amelie, 


I embody what most imagine a French girl to be …  with an alternative twist.

Pretty woman with delicate factions, sparkling eyes and cheeky smile, sensual with an authentic and charming personality. 

And if you talk to me, you would hear this little accented French flow from my lips… outRRRageous and iRRResistible !


Along with my natural beauty, I am really friendly, well mannered and with a fine sense of humor. I love to laugh and I can t resist to a beautiful mind… 

I am the perfect companion for any occasion, such as a business trip, a romantic weekend, a gourmet dinner, where we can share complicity and naturalness. By my side, you ll feel completely relaxed and at your ease, trust me.

Challenges are my biggest addictions. I’m very optimistic and always ready to explore something new and exciting. I have spent much of my life living and traveling from one place to another. I’ve accumulated many stories, and I’d love to share some of them with you.


I am what we call a “bonne vivante”. My passion about gourmet food and good wine will surprise you. I love sharing my culture through its gastronomy, discovering new cuisines and gourmet restaurants.  

And to keep my body fit and toned … I am lucky to lie very active. I love practicing lot of sport and especially outdoors activities. 


Rather open minded and playful, I am exceptionally skilled in helping people to relax and explore their sexuality. I will love discovering new sensations and pleasures with you. Feel absolutely free to explain me what is going around your head, I love people with imagination… Once you are with me you will be seriously spoiled…


All you need to do is get in touch …




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